If your service desk team, for example, is using Freshservice and a client or another team is using BMC Remedy, you would benefit a lot from integrating the two tools. A Freshservice BMC Remedy integration will help you synchronize the teams, improve collaboration, and automate workflows. 

Here is one of the most common use cases when а Remedy integration with Freshservice is super beneficial. 

An incident is created in Remedy, and it needs to be present in Freshservice for the other team to handle it. ZigiOps detects it and creates a related ticket in Freshservice. The advanced data filtering that the integration platform offers allows you to easily adjust which incidents from BMC Remedy will be collected.

This way you can make sure no redundant data will be transferred. You can filter by status, timing, comments, etc. You also have granular control over data field mapping. 

You can specify how ZigiOps logs data into Freshservice and transform it if necessary. Regular fields, custom fields, lifecycle and comments are all part of the integration. 

When the Remedy incident is updated or if there are any changes, ZigiOps detects that and updates the Freshservice ticket accordingly. When the Freshservice ticket is closed, the incident in BMC Remedy will also be resolved with the corresponding notes, so that the responsible team members know what is happening in real time. 

 ZigiOps also has correlation capabilities that you can set according to your needs – back sync any changes, relate corresponding tickets, etc. 

 With the ZigiOps Freshservice BMC Remedy integration you can enhance incident management, involve different team members in real time and escalate critical issues instantly. 

BMC Remedy and Freshservice are among the most commonly used applications by companies. They help handle internal and external service requests and automate workflows improving the overall enterprise processes. In many cases one team uses BMC Remedy and another team uses Freshservice. Another example is when the company uses Remedy and a partner uses Freshservice.  

In such cases a Freshservice BMC Remedy integration might be greatly beneficial. When data flows seamlessly between the systems this allows the teams to handle critical issues much faster, collaborate on requests and assist customers quickly.  

Once you decide to integrate the two tools, you will most probably find different options for the integration. Depending on your needs, choose carefully the solution that would best fit your use case scenario. The Freshservice BMC Remedy integration might not be an easy task, especially if you have complex data dependencies and need to set specific conditions for transferring your data. This is often the case, but not every integration solution provides these options. 

With ZigiOps you can set even the most complex integration use case without writing a single line of code. The integration platform provides full control and is highly scalable. You can change your filtering, field mapping and conditions in a few clicks and the Freshservice BMC Remedy integration can be easily upgraded and changed per your needs whenever necessary.

Correlation logic is also adjustable, and you can use it to back sync your incidents and data. ZigiOps is completely no-code and very easy to use, while at the same time seamlessly handles complex scenraios.  

Using ZigiOps, you can rest assured that your Freshservice BMC Remedy integration, will serve your teams and partners properly, and they can collaborate in the best way possible.

All the necessary data is transferred in real time and is available to the responsible agents immediately. The integration is bi-directional so updates are available immediately in both systems. Issues and requests are resolved times faster, without redundant information and at the same time without omitting important details. 

 The ZigiOps platform enables your Freshservice BMC Remedy integration to grow and change together with your needs. It applies the highest security standards and guarantees 99.9% uptime. It also offers high availability, so with ZigiOps you can be sure you won’t lose any of your data even during system downtimes. 

The Freshservice BMC Remedy integration enables automation and brings numerous benefits.  Teams that have different operation models and work remotely can easily sync and boost their efficiency working together, while still using the tools they are familiar with. Smart automation allows you to rise customer satisfaction and resolve issues much faster.   

Very often large organizations use multiple instances of BMC Remedy and Freshservice. Also, your clients or partners might be using Remedy and your team might be using Freshservice and vice versa. ZigiOps provides precise filtering, assuring that only the necessary data will be transferred to the other system. This way teams even from different companies can communicate effortlessly in real time, while keeping privacy. Actionable data arrives right away and IT team members feel like they are in the same room with their peers. 

It is easy to resolve issues and improve efficiency when the right information is available immediately at your fingertips. With the ZigiOps seamless Freshservice BMC Remedy integration your company can significantly boost end-client and employee satisfaction.  

Communications with clients, partners and internal teams are in sync with the Freshservice BMC Remedy integration. The right data is there in real time, and you can forget about mistakes, delays and silos. The overall processes are highly improved, and your teams become much more efficient. 

See a Demo of Our Freshservice BMC Remedy Integration

Freshservice is quite popular for handling internal IT requests. IT professionals and helpdesk teams automate their workflows with it and handle issues and service requests easily. BMC Remedy is widely used by service desk teams to organize their tasks and manage tickets.  

Both applications are often present in the stack of enterprises, and they need to be synchronized to avoid silos and mistakes due to manual transfer of data. Without a Freshservice BMC Remedy integration, there might be faulty data, delays and bottlenecks. This leads to slowdowns in issue resolutions and reduced customer satisfaction.  

If you are using both – Remedy and Freshservice in your organization, you might need specific data to be transferred automatically to the responsible team members. Not all integration tools allow granular control over data filtering and mapping.

If you want to make sure no redundant data will be exchanged and at the same time have the necessary data available in real time, choose an integration solution that is capable of handling complex data dependencies. 

A Freshservice BMC Remedy integration that fits your specific needs and delivers data in the right place at the right time can go a long way in ensuring a competitive advantage for your organization.  


 With ZigiOps integration platform you can create a Freshservice BMC Remedy integration in minutes. The tool is 100% no-code, so you do not need any coding knowledge to set your integrations. At the same time ZigiOps is highly scalable and you can update and change your integration whenever necessary.  

ZigiOps provides out-of-the-box templates that you can customize per your needs. Transfer regular fields, custom fields, lifecycle, comments, and more with easy-to-use actions, conditions and transformations.

Complex data dependencies are also handled with ease, thanks to ZigiOps’ advanced filtering and mapping capabilities. 

Eliminate silos and errors caused by manual work and improve teamwork and collaboration. With our seamless Freshservice BMC Remedy integration you can set up smart automations tailored to your needs in minutes. 

How beneficial is the Freshservice BMC Remedy integration?

The Freshservice BMC Remedy integration allows teams to collaborate and communicate without the need to login to multiple systems. They can exchange important data in real time through the comments, instead of needing to go over email, phone, or chat. The responsible peers can handle critical issues immediately, having all the necessary details at their fingertips.  

Internal and external IT service desk teams, as well as DevOps and IT operations agents can perfectly sync and respond to requests timely. The data flow between them should be seamless and instant.

With a Freshservice BMC Remedy integration this can be done. A good integration tool will filter only the necessary data and automatically enter it into the other system. This way teams can prioritize properly and handle critical issues quickly. 

For example, a client has logged a problem through the BMC Remedy ticketing. The service desk team investigates the problem and finds out that it needs to be handled by the other team that uses Freshservice.

With a Freshservice BMC Remedy integration in place, with just one click they can send the necessary data to Freshservice and get the responsible team on it. No need to open Freshservice and log the issue there or make phone calls. 

ZigiOps’ no-code Freshservice BMC Remedy integration helps you have peace of mind that all issues will be organized in the right way and handled as soon as possible.  

Concluding thoughts on the Freshservice BMC Remedy integration

The Freshservice BMC Remedy integration brings tons of benefits to companies and organizations that use the two tools. Seamless cross-team collaboration, speedy handling of critical issues and requests and improved customer and employee satisfaction are just a part of them. With ZigiOps, you can set your Freshservice Remedy integration in minutes, even if you have specific data dependencies and complex conditions. It is highly flexible and can match your requirements, no matter what your use case is. Boost client satisfaction and improve teamwork today. 

Seamless collaboration between teams with different processes

Out-of-the-box templates: customizable workflows that can be activated in minutes

Instant visibility on critical issues and easy prioritization

Integration Benefits

Updates in real time and automatic synchronization of data

Bi-directional Freshservice BMC Remedy integration and improved teamwork

Improved productivity and operational efficiency

ZigiOps Generic Connector – connect any application and make custom integrations in a breeze.

Make a custom integration with the ZigiOps Generic Connector. Integrate your internal systems with any other tool used in your organization.

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