What we do

ZigiOps connects Monitoring, IT Service Management, DevOps, and CRM tools without any code.
We automate your IT Operations for faster issue resolutions!


Integrate some of the most popular ITSM tools with your DevOps and Monitoring ones. Automate incidents, events, and change requests transfers in a few clicks. Sync all related fields.


Get a full overview of your IT infrastructure and application performance. Connect your Monitoring, IT Service Management, and DevOps tools. Transfer events, CIs, topology, and more.


Automate workflows and streamline your DevOps pipeline. Integrate your DevOps tools with the IT Service Management and Monitoring ones. Sync tickets, events, change requests and more.


Connect your CRM platforms with ITSM and DevOps ones and automate the data transfer between them. Do it without any code or script.

Integrate. Simplify. Automate


ZigiOps is the most flexible no-code integration platform which creates powerful integrations within minutes.
Set up, modify and launch your integrations in minutes. Enable the seamless data exchange between your systems.

Why ZigiOps?​

No-Code Integrations

Integrate your systems without any code or scripts.

Flexibility & Scalability

Syncronize all entities and fields. Scale and modify.

Integration Templates

For the most common use cases. Fully customizable.

Real-Time Data Exchange

Automatic transfer of data bi-directionally.

Customers are our #1 priority

We are only happy when you are.
Let’s start automating together!
Unlimited Flexibility

Easily set up, launch, and modify all integrations from a single UI.

Recovery Features

ZigiOps protects your integration configuration in case of a system downtime.

World-class support

Our customer support team resolves issues fast and provides all the necessary aid to assist customers during their integration journey.

On-Premise and SaaS

ZigiOps comes in both on-premise and SaaS versions to answer all integration needs. We support cloud and on-prem versions of systems as well.

Data Security

ZigiOps does not have a database and therefore cannot store any sensitive information.

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