ZigiOps’ Azure DevOps TOPdesk integration allows companies to optimize their workflows to provide the best possible customer service. Syncing Azure DevOps work items with TOPdesk’s incidents happens instantly.  

TOPdesk’s helpdesk team receives a notification about a new incident in the system. The team investigates the root cause of the problem and concludes that it’s a software bug. That calls for the help of the DevOps team. With an established Azure DevOps TOPdesk connection, the entire back-and-forth communication between the two systems happens instantly. ZigiOps can help with this.  

A comprehensive integration solution like ZigiOps allows seamless communication between ITSM and DevOps. With the help of the ZigiOps connector, the TOPdesk helpdesk team does not need to manually transfer every incident into the Azure DevOps system as a work item. It is all handled automatically. In a few clicks, the Azure DevOps TOPdesk integration is fully functional – data exchange and synchronization happen in no time.

There is no requirement for further installation of additional add-ons. What’s more, with ZigiOps, Azure DevOps and TOPdesk teams can work with tools of their choice. 

Apart from optimizing the company’s workflows and streamlining the transfer of information, ZigiOps Azure DevOps TOPdesk integration offers poller-based updates in case of a change.

Crucial data such as log files, traces, and attachments sync automatically. As a result, misunderstandings, data leaks, and even silos do not happen. 

Once the DevOps team resolves the bug, the ZigiOps connector automatically updates the helpdesk team. The client also receives an update with all the corresponding data regarding their problem. 

You can find the ZigiOps Azure DevOps TOPdesk integration solution at Microsoft’s Visual Studio marketplace. 


Companies, especially large ones, use different tools to organize and maintain their internal IT operations. The most frequently used and combined among them are TOPdesk and Azure DevOps. Whenever successfully connected, the data flow between the two systems happens smoothly and without blockages. The DevOps and helpdesk work in synchronization with their daily workflows optimized. 

Unfortunately, in most cases, those systems are not connected. As a result, data logs must happen manually. Slowdowns in client-related issue resolutions are inevitable. Bottlenecks and fatal discrepancies in the accumulated information may also pop up. At some point, that will inevitably backfire and affect the relationship with the clients. 

A comprehensive tool like ZigiOps can easily prevent all of the above and even drastically improve the entire line of start-to-end processes. Easy to use and customize, ZigiOps covers even the most sophisticated use case scenarios regarding the Azure DevOps TOPdesk integration.

Without an additional single line of code, the integration connector automates internal IT tasks and operations. Upon connecting the two systems, ZigiOps fetches the desired data from either of the systems and can instantly transfer it to the other. 

Furthermore, the platform’s flexibility and scalability ensure steady growth and progress.  


First, an Azure DevOps TOPdesk integration allows the teams operating the two systems to continue to use tools of their preference. The collaboration between support and development is smooth and easy. No delays or bottlenecks. Productivity and efficiency skyrocket instantly. All client-related issues get resolution faster than ever. 

The lack of connection between Azure DevOps and TOPdesk has many drawbacks. Perhaps the biggest is the lack of clear communication, manual data entry from one system to the other, and alignment between the helpdesk and DevOps.

As a result, double entries happen, often accompanied by unintentional errors. Slowdowns and even silos occur.

As a result, customer inquiries (tickets) can pile up and put a strain on the departments responsible.

A successful Azure DevOps TOPdesk integration eliminates all those problems. It even speeds up the process of customer ticket remediation.

Various obstacles that usually pop up during the back-and-forth communication between teams and departments are effortlessly resolved. Internal operational workflows are optimized in a way that uplifts the CSATs.  

See a Demo of Our Azure DevOps TOPdesk Integration

Many companies use Azure DevOps for their development and testing operations. The tool allows the DevOps team to monitor crucial internal IT projects from start to end and track the progress on incoming issue resolution.

TOPdesk is a modular ITSM solution. It focuses on providing high-quality service desk and asset management to mid and large-size enterprises.

Companies combine the two in search of better optimization of their workflows and operations.  

Often, there is no connection between Azure DevOps and TOPdesk. The outcome is data inconsistency and leakages. Critical bottlenecks and misunderstandings between the teams are also possible.

Data duplication and manual work are almost certainly, too. The distribution of the accumulated data and insights from Azure and TOPdesk happens slowly. The result is low levels of customer satisfaction. 

The ZigiOps no-code platform makes the Azure DevOps TOPdesk integration within 10 minutes. No additional coding is needed, which makes it the perfect solution for non-technical users. Work items and incidents are easily transferred and synced between the two connected systems. The help desk and Dev teams are aligned and can collaborate on resolving customer issues better and faster.  

The ZigiOps Azure DevOps TOPdesk integration offers bi-directional record synchronization and real-time updates on customer issues.

ZigiOps’ automation completely replaces the need for manual transfer of information between the two systems. That prevents the appearance of data duplication and errors.  

ZigiOps is flexible and scalable and can easily be customized to fit various use case scenarios regarding the Azure DevOps TOPdesk integration. 

How Beneficial is the Azure DevOps TOPdesk Integration?

The most significant benefit of the Azure DevOps TOPdesk integration is the automatic transfer of issues to work items and their bi-directional synchronization.

The connection between Azure DevOps and TOPdesk enables seamless cross-collaboration between teams. Vital data and insights are accumulated and distributed between responsible departments – customer service and DevOps

The information is easily assessable to anyone and from everywhere. That allows decision-makers to build up and execute better business growth strategies.  

With the Azure DevOps TOPdesk bi-directional integration, customer issues are resolved. CSATs levels increase while the overall performance of the departments’ skyrockets.  

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Concluding Thoughts on the Azure DevOps TOPdesk Integration

ZigiOps is an out-of-the-box integration solution. It easily connects ITSM solutions like TOPdesk with a diverse development system like Azure DevOps. ZigiOps connects the two bi-directionally, allowing seamless automation of data transfer and synchronization. The faster the resolution of client-related issues, the higher the customer satisfaction. Errors and data discrepancies remain in the past. Resources and costs are saved. 

Advanced retry mechanism and a user-configurable logic

100% no-code integration and various pre-built templates

Improved visibility into end customers' requests and needs

Integration Benefits

Poller-based synchronization for bi-directional updates

Reduced response and resolution time, leading to high CSATs

High levels of security - ZigiOps does not store any data


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