Salesforce is used to manage customer accounts and billing and often times feedback and ideas from customers are present in the Salesforce cases.

The data gathered this way is difficult to organize and act upon. The feedback needs to be handled by the project managers, and this is why it needs to be transferred timely to Jira Product Discovery.  

Here is one of the cases when a Salesforce integration with Jira Product Discovery would bring tons of benefits. 

There is important feedback from a customer that the ITSM team receives in Salesforce. The feedback is related to a new project that the product managers are working on, so it needs to be present in Jira Product Discovery for them to see.  

There are a few specific details from the Salesforce Case that the project management team needs. Without an integration in place, the customer support team would need to review each new Case and send the necessary details to the PMs or open Jira Product Discovery manually and enter the details there. 

With ZigiOps everything can be automated. When there is a new Case created in Salesforce, the integration will capture it based on pre-defined filtering conditions and it will create a linked idea in Jira Product Discovery. The integration platform provides full control over data mapping and filtering, so that you can choose what to transfer precisely according to your needs. The integration includes regular fields, custom fields, comments, attachments and more.  

The synchronization is bi-directional, so when there are updates in Salesforce, ZigiOps collects them and adds corresponding changes to Jira Product Discovery. Respectively, when an Idea is updated in Jira product Discovery, the integration platform logs the changes in Salesforce in real time. 

This way communication between the teams is easy and does not require any additional tools. Everything happens automatically and in real time, allowing the team members to work only with the software they are already familiar with. This eliminates silos and delays and helps streamline the development of new features and product enhancements. 

Salesforce is used in a great number of organizations for handling relationships with customers, and many other activities such as sales, marketing, finances and ITSM. Jira Product Discovery has been launched recently and companies are rapidly adopting it, as it is perfect for handling project enhancements, new product development and prioritization.  

When both tools are used in the organization, having a Salesforce integration with Jira Product Discovery can be super beneficial. It helps eliminate communication bottlenecks and streamlines idea processing and prioritizing. Feedback is sent to the respective team members in real time. This way being up to date and expanding the company portfolio becomes smooth and simple. 

There are different integration methods available, but the majority of them are not capable of handling complex use cases and are difficult to scale. Companies can have various requirements depending on their internal processes and structure. This is why it is important to have an integration tool that provides freedom and scalability. 

ZigiOps is a unique combination of simplicity and advanced features. It is completely no-code and very easy to use. At the same time the integration platform offers advanced filtering and data mapping and can handle even the most complex use cases. You can create your Salesforce integration with Jira Product Discovery in minutes using our pre-defined templates.  

 Nowadays everything is changing fast, and your software needs to be able to change with you. ZigiOps provides unlimited scalability – you can change, adjust or enhance your integrations whenever necessary. Customize freely according to your needs. 

When you have a Salesforce integration with Jira Product Discovery with ZigiOps, you have full control of your data and great flexibility. Your teams can eliminate silos and collaborate seamlessly. 

Renewing and enhancing products and adding new services is essential for companies in these times when changes happen rapidly in all areas of life. The Salesforce integration with Jira Product Discovery helps your teams to easily manage and prioritize ideas, while taking customer feedback into consideration. New features, based on real data for demand, are realized quickly when the main systems of the organization work together. 

The Salesforce integration with Jira Product Discovery improves teamwork and helps different departments to sync and collaborate better. Client feedback is reflected quickly in new features, and this boosts customer satisfaction, too. 

The project managers usually need only specific details from the Salesforce Cases to be present in Jira Product Discovery. This can easily be done with a good integration tool, so that no redundant information is forwarded. This way prioritization is easier, and they have a good overview of recurring feedback. 

The Salesforce integration with Jira Product Discovery helps eliminate delays and mistakes, improves teamwork and processes and is essential for the business bottom-line.

See a Demo of Our Salesforce Jira Project Discovery Integration

Salesforce is a sophisticated platform that allows companies to manage customer relationships, billing and renewal. It is also popular for handling marketing, sales, financial and other operations. Jira Product Discovery is a great new tool that helps product teams to align ideas, feedback, and project plans. 

When the two software tools are both used in a company, they need to be in sync so that the data can be managed properly, and appropriate actions are taken. Without a Salesforce integration with Jira Product Discovery, there would be delays and bottlenecks due to manual transfer of data. Prioritization would also be quite difficult if the tools do not work together. This leads to ignorance of feedback and infective company processes. 

When there is a Salesforce integration with Jira Product Discovery present, all the team members have information transferred to them instantly. This way they are aware of the current priorities and can take the right actions in real time. 

 This is why many companies consider integrating Salesforce and Jira Product Discovery. However, if you want to have flexibility with your data and be able to scale easily, you need to choose an advanced integration tool that provides all the features you need. 

With ZigiOps you can create a Salesforce integration with Jira Product Discovery in a few clicks. The integration platform provides advanced features, like data mapping and precise filtering, so that you can make sure only the necessary data is transferred.

You can easily customize and scale the pre-defined templates and make them work according to your needs. You do not need to write any scripts or even a single line of code. Everything is done comfortably through the UI, including complex data mappings. 

With the ZigiOps integration platform, you can transfer all types of Salesforce Cases and fields, including comments and attachments, to Jira Product Discovery ideas. By utilizing the pre-defined actions, conditions and transformations you can easily adjust every single detail and fine tune your integration.  

Complex workflows and specific mapping are easy to automate with ZigiOps. Streamline your processes, make product enhancements and new features more meaningful and boost customer satisfaction.  

How beneficial is the Salesforce integration with Jira Product Discovery?

Customers and products are tightly related, as products should always reflect the customers’ needs. The Salesforce integration with Jira Product Discovery provides companies with the opportunity to always be up to date with customer feedback, gather real statistics for demand of different features, and take appropriate actions in real time.  

When your systems are connected, you will have better visibility on recurring feedback and can communicate better with users. When clients see that their ideas and thoughts have real impact, they gain trust in the company and return for more services. Combined with the improved collaboration between the teams in the organization, this has a significant effect on the overall company results. 

For example, if the product team is considering a specific new feature, and there are details for that feature in some customer cases in Salesforce, the details should be transferred to Jira Product Discovery. When there is a Salesforce integration with Jira Product Discovery, the info is transferred automatically.

The Salesforce team does not need to send anything over email or phone, or open Jira Product Discovery and enter info there manually. The integration will detect some specific keywords or status of these cases and if necessary, transfer the details right away. It will only log the needed data without any redundant information. This way the product team will have precisely what they need in real time. 

A bi-directional integration between Salesforce and Jira Product Discovery logs all updates in both systems immediately. This informs the customer support team of any changes and they can let the customers know what the progress on their requested feature is at any given time. 

ZigiOps’ no-code Salesforce integration with Jira Product Discovery improves your operational efficiency and boosts teamwork and client satisfaction. With ZigiOps you can build complex workflows and automate tricky data dependencies without any code.  

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Concluding thoughts on the Salesforce integration with Jira Product Discovery

The Salesforce integration with Jira Product Discovery makes difficult decisions easier and helps organizations improve their processes. With ZigiOps integration platform complex workflows become much simpler and teams can collaborate flawlessly. The integration is fully customizable and easy to manage. With the help of ZigiOps you can streamline your pipeline and enhance your portfolio with the right products and features in a breeze.  

Seamless data flow and improved processes

Custom relationships between Salesforce and Jira Product Discovery entities

Out-of-the-box templates: customizable use cases that you can load and use in a few clicks

Integration Benefits

Automatic status updates and notifications in real time

Bi-directional Salesforce integration with Jira Product Discovery and instant updates

Instant visibility into recurring feedback for each product and feature

ZigiOps Generic Connector – connect any application and make custom integrations in a breeze.

Make a custom integration with the ZigiOps Generic Connector. Integrate your internal systems with any other tool used in your organization.

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