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Case Study

Leading Telecom Provider - Case study


ZigiOps integrated the IT systems of one of the biggest telecoms to provide complete visibility into their operations in real-time. Our integration platform improved the telco’s operational efficiency by automating their workflows, enhancing cross-team collaboration and providing real-time monitoring.



Our client is one of the leaders on the global telecommunications market and has a dominating presence in Europe and Africa. It owns and operates telecom networks in over 20 countries and has partner networks in nearly 50 countries. Our customer provides IT and telecom services to business clients in over 150 countries.

The Challenge

Micro Focus Operations Bridge Manager (OBM) is the central IT Operations Management (ITOM) solution of the telecom. At the same time, different departments and teams use additional tools, such as AppDynamics and Dynatrace, to monitor various aspects of the client’s IT infrastructure.

To have complete visibility of their operations and systems, they needed to collect the monitoring data into a single centralized solution, like Micro Focus OBM.

The telecom’s IT teams considered a few possibilities:

  • Develop an integration solution internally
  • Replace some of the existing software tools to work with fewer vendors
  • Look for an integration solution to connect Appdynamics and Dynatrace to Micro Focus.

After examining the different options, they decided to go with ZigiWave’s no-code integration platform, ZigiOps.

The Solution:

ZigiWave’s consultants implemented the three integrations, as per the client’s requirements:

  • AppDynamics to Micro Focus OBM (on-premise / Cloud)
    • Topology: Applications, Tiers, Hosts, Business Transactions, and IP Addresses
    • Events: Health Rule Violations and Events
    • Metrics: Business Transaction Performance, Application Performance, Infrastructure Performance, EUM Performance, and Database
  • Dynatrace AppMon to Micro Focus OBM (on-premise)
    • Topology: Business Applications, Business Transactions, Running Software, Processes, and Nodes
    • Events: Incidents
    • Metrics: System, User Experience, and Transaction
  • Dynatrace (SaaS/Managed) to Micro Focus OBM (on-premise / Cloud)
    • Topology: Business Applications, Business Transactions, Running Software, Processes, and Nodes
    • Events: Problems
    • Metrics: Host, Infrastructure, Web Application, Memory, CPU

Implementing the three ZigiOps integrations solved the telco’s business challenge by integrating AppDynamics and Dynatrace to Micro Focus OBM as separate one-way integrations. This way, data from different sources is unified into a single system for easier monitoring and tracking.

ZigiOps extracts the data from AppDynamics and Dynatrace, transforms it through a field mapping configuration, and sends it to OBM through OA. As a result, our client can use OBM as a central operations console, which provides quality monitoring details to different IT teams. Also, each data source enriches the OBM data and helps our customer to benefit from an added layer of transparency into their operations, combined with a comprehensive overview of their infrastructure. The field mapping complies with the OBM correlation mechanism to avoid data duplication.

Outcomes & results

ZigiWave’s consultants suggested various horizontal and vertical scaling adjustments to optimize the data collection process and eliminate any environmental bottlenecks. They also configured different data transformations and filtering functions so the integration could deliver meaningful and structured data for the monitoring teams to work more accurately.

Once the integration met all the requirements, the integration process was fully automated, and our client’s IT experts could instantly check issues and react quickly. The number of incidents is now lower, helping our client to eliminate noise and unnecessary information by monitoring all key metrics and events simultaneously.

AppDynamics and Dynatrace monitor similar environments from a different perspective by tracking unique infrastructure elements, including better enrichment of the topology data available in OBM’s RTSM, the event synchronization from multiple sources, and various metric feeds.

Some of the most notable results to mention are:

  • Real-time synchronization between AppDynamics, Dynatrace and Micro Focus OBM
  • Improved uptime and availability
  • 25% faster issue resolution

Thanks to the platform’s advanced integration capabilities, ZigiOps successfully solved our client’s business challenge. It provides a complete overview of their operations and synchronizes their software tools in real time.