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ZigiWave Team Building in Ribaritsa

This weekend the ZigiWave team had a wonderful team building in Ribaritsa village, located in Stara planina mountain. We love gathering and spending time together, as we are a great team and we always have lots of fun. This is why we expected the team building with excitement. 

We started by having lunch and then enjoying the pool and sauna with some drinks. Of course, we did not miss playing some board games and taking a walk around Ribaritsa village. 


The village is very beautiful, with lots of old Bulgarian houses, flowers and a river called Beli Vit. The area is in the mountain and there is nice fresh fish from the river. The local people told us stories about bears coming down to the village, but luckily, we did not meet any. 

While walking and having enthralling conversations, we barely noticed we walked for more than 6 kilometers forth and back to the hotel.  

We had a wonderful dinner at the restaurant called The Old Ribaritsa, with an authentic Bulgarian aura that gets you back in the old days. We drank strong Bulgarian rakia, and wine, while talking and listening to nice music. 

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On the next day we had lots of activities planned.  

We visited the beautiful Skoka waterfall, walking at the “By the waterfall sprinkles” eco path.  


Then we did some shopping as it was market day in the nearby Teteven town. And we had tasty lunch at the “Watermill” restaurant. They have cabins made from real barrels for wine there. It is very cozy. 


In the afternoon, we did some shooting exercises. We shot with bow and arrows, and also with air gun and an imitation of the famous Desert Eagle gun at bottle targets. 


We were quite tired, but we finished with a nice dinner and wine, and some board games. 

On the next morning it was time to go home. It was an unforgettable experience for all of us and we are eager for the next team building event. 

Thank you ZigiWave!