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ZigiOps – JIRA Integration


ZigiOps provides not just an integration between JIRA and Micro Focus OpsBridge, but also with ServiceNow! What does this mean? You can have:

  • Micro Focus OpsBridge events creating tasks in JIRA or JIRA Service Management
  • JIRA tasks creating incidents, events, SCRUM tasks or stories in ServiceNow
  • All of this combined

Micro Focus Ops Bridge to JIRA/JIRA Service Management

Following the best practices of the Closed Loop Incident Process (CLIP), we designed our integration between Micro Focus OpsBridge and JIRA/JIRA Service Management to be bi-directional, keeping both systems in synchronization.

Based on the experience we gained during the development of our other ITSM integrations, we implemented the following features:

  • Manual and automated task creation
  • Configurable event attributes to task fields mapping
  • Direct link to JIRA/JIRA Service Management task in the Micro Focus OMi event
  • Micro Focus OMi Annotations to JIRA/JIRA Service Management comments and vice-versa


OMi event which has created a JIRA task:


JIRA task created by the integration:


JIRA to ServiceNow

Issues triggering events, incidents or SCRUM tasks in ServiceNow is not an abstract thing anymore thanks to our integration! But it is not only that … You also receive:

  • Bi-directional synchronization
  • Conditional field mapping
  • Data transformations
  • Option to pick the target table in ServiceNow – event, incident, SCRUM or whatever you need
  • Direct links in both systems for simplified navigation


JIRA Task which created an incident in ServiceNow:


Incident in ServiceNow created by a JIRA task: