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Recap of the Live Demo: How to integrate ServiceNow and Azure DevOps

On the 30th of June we had a live event where we showcased how you can integrate ServiceNow and Azure DevOps super quickly with the help of ZigiOps integration platform. We demoed transferring ServiceNow Incidents to Azure DevOps Work Items, and also some bi-directional updates.  

Missed it? If you would like to watch the whole session, you can check the recording here, or you can also read the recap below for more details.  

Here are the main things that we covered during this live demo

In the beginning, Yanko briefly showcased the ZigiOps UI from 4.01. 


Right after that he started with the ServiceNow Incident to Azure DevOps Work Item integration setup, starting from 5:06.  



And then he demonstrated how the integration works in the two connected systems (ServiceNow and Azure DevOps) from 13:02. He created a brand-new incident in ServiceNow and it was automatically logged in Azure DevOps as a work item 


While waiting for the polling time of 20 seconds, Yanko also showcased the troubleshooting section of ZigiOps, where you can see in details what is being extracted from the source system and what is being loaded in the target system, and how the overall data transfer happens. This greatly eases troubleshooting in case of any issues. 


After that, from 14:24 he also showed some bi-directional updates, by adding comments and attachments to both – the ServiceNow incident and the Azure DevOps work item, and also changing the status. When there are changes in ServceNow, ZigiOps updates them in Azure DevOps immediately and vice versa. 


After the integration was completed and tested, Yanko concluded the demo and opened the stage for questions, from 17:30. 

We had a few great questions from our attendees. For example, about the entities that ZigiOps can sync between the two systems, the authorization methods that are used and what system versions are supported. 

Lyubo, our R&D manager, gave really detailed and interesting answers, so if you’d like to watch the whole Q&A session, you can do it here. 

Of course, if you have any additional questions, you can contact us at any time at [email protected]. And if you have a specific or more complex use case, just book a demo with our team and we will show you how you can complete it with ZigiOps.