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People of ZigiWave - Meet Ivo Angelov

one of the faces of the Zigi Support team. An avid climber with solid experience behind his back, Ivo loves spending time in nature. Always looking to expand his knowledge and skills, Ivo is not afraid of the obstacles along the way. Born and raised in Sofia, Ivo cherishes the perks of living in the big city and enjoys his free time on the mountain.  

My background

Unlike most of my colleagues here at Zigi, my career in IT started a bit differently. I’ve spent three years at the university, studying German philology. During my third year, I realized that despite my love for languages, this was not the path I envisioned myself on. So I decided to switch to Library and Information Science.  

Like most people with a degree in the field of languages, my first steps in IT started at an outsourcing company. My first job was as a Help Desk Analyst at one of the biggest companies in Sofia and the region. At that moment, I realized that this was my thing, my professional path. I became more and more involved in the tech sector and what was happening in it. I was constantly looking for a way to polish and expand my skills and knowledge. 


How I became part of ZigiWave?

That’s an interesting story. It all happened quite by chance. I was working as an Integration QA in another company when I realized I needed more. I loved my job, but it was missing something – the opportunities to learn new things and the chance to test my skills.  

It did not take me long to realize I needed more than the job could offer. That’s when I started to look for something new. I was currently in contact with a recruiter for another position when ZigiWave’s name came up. Knowing my experience with system integrations, the recruiter said that Zigi could be the perfect place for me. That’s how I became part of the Zigi team. 

My role at Zigi is?

I’m an integration consultant and part of the Support team. My job is to help resolve any issue our customers may have. I help with the integration configurations, installation, and upgrades of ZigiOps. I’m frequently busy doing extensive research to extend the capabilities of ZigiOps as an integration tool.  

Recently I’ve started helping our Sales team during their demos with potential customers. That’s another aspect of the job I think will help me grow professionally over time. 

What I love about my job?

First of all, I do love the team I work in. It might sound cliche, but to do your job the way it should be, one must enjoy the people they’re working with. We’re currently three people on the Support team. Our newest addition, Angie, joined a few weeks ago. I like the fact that I get to work in a fast-paced environment.

There are no mundane tasks. The communication between the teams happens quickly. There are no slowdowns or misunderstandings, as often happens in larger companies. If I have a problem, I cannot resolve on time or is beyond my expertise, there’s always someone ready to step in and offer a solution. I learn new things almost daily, which is quite important for those of us who want to stay current with the latest industry trends.  

How I deal with problems?

That’s a difficult question. It depends on the situation and the essence of the problem. Our Support team rarely faces problems. But if something comes up and is assigned to me, I try to find a solution as quickly as possible – using my knowledge and experience. If the problem is beyond my capabilities, I will turn for help from my colleagues.  

When it comes to life, I try to stay cool and think rationally. Emotions can sometimes cloud our judgment and prompt irrelevant decisions. I try my best not to take anything too personally and look at the problem the other way around.  


My hobbies and free time are

I’m a passionate climber. If I am not at work or busy with other personal things, I climb. I love nature and any outdoor activities, so I try to spend as much as possible of my free time in the company of wildlife. This helps me clear my head and train my focus and persistence. Cliffs or boulders – I try to conquer everything. I have even tried ice climbing. Some people find it dangerous, but it helps test and strengthens one’s precision, speed, and patience.  

A few years ago, I was keen on slackline. In fact, I was so hooked on it, I was even able to do sophisticated acrobatics. 


My favorite music, movies, books, and TV series are

 I am a huge Reggae fan. Jazz and Bossa Nova are also on my playlists. I do not have much time to watch TV, but I like the Office TV series (the American one). I fancy the series’ humor. As for the books, it is hard to choose a favorite.

Those that will stick with me for life would be 100 years of solitude and Perfume: The Story of a Murderer. I like how the authors played with the words to evoke emotions in the reader. This is especially valid in Süskind’s novel. One could taste and smell the perfume, for real.  

How do I spend my time outside work?

I try to be as much as possible with my son. I have a small dog, Kali (I call her Kalina), which often accompanies us during trips. I love traveling. I like to spend my summer vacations in Greece with family. My goal is to visit the Red River Gorge in Kentucky and climb there. It’s on my bucket list, and I am about to scratch it soon. 

Daniel Boone National Forest
Daniel Boone National Forest, Kenucky, USA at the Natural Arch at dusk in autumn.

A Day in my life

My day usually starts with the doggy walk. Next comes the hot cup of morning coffee. I do some yoga to tune in for work. Then my workday starts. Tasks marked as a priority are the first to be done. 

Whenever I do the night shift, I spend a few hours climbing or walking in Vitosha. It helps me refresh and regain focus. 



What I am looking for?

As every parent, the thing I am most looking forward to is seeing my son achieve his dream and goals. I cannot wait to see how his life will unfold before him.  

Otherwise, I am open to receiving anything that comes my way. Some things must happen whether you want them or not, and one must embrace them.