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Recap of the Live Demo How to integrate multiple systems – Dynatrace, ServiceNow, Jira and Salesforce

On the 3rd of August we did a live event where we showcased how you can integrate multiple systems easily with the ZigiOps platform. In this case we integrated Dynatrace, ServiceNow, Jira and Salesforce. We created a problem in Dynatrace, and ZigiOps automatically transferred it as an incident in ServiceNow, then as a task in Jira, and finally as a case in Salesforce. All this happened without any manual work. We also showed some bi-directional updates. 

This demo raised great interest and the event was quite full. Have you missed it? You can watch the whole session on demand here or read the recap below for more details.  


Here is the recap of what we covered during this live presentation

In the beginning, Yanko briefly showed how the ZigiOps UI looks and how to navigate through it (from 4.28). 


After that he explained how ZigiOps connects to the different systems we want to integrate and how it dynamically collects meta data from each system (from 6.30). 


Then he showed the ZigiOps pre-defined templates and how you can use them out of the box. This way you can set integrations up in just a few clicks (from 7.30). 


From 8.45 Yanko started showing in detail how the ServiceNow incident to Jira task integration is set up. He explained the correlation logic, action levels, triggering and mapping. The Dynatrace problem to ServiceNow incident, and the Jira task to Salesforce case integrations are set in a similar way. 


From 16.05 Yanko demoed how the integration works in all the systems we have connected. He generated a problem within Dynatrace and then we saw how it appeared in ServiceNow as an incident. After that we saw that a Jira task is created, corresponding to that incident, as well as a case in Salesforce. 


After that, from 17:30 he also showed some bi-directional updates, by adding a comment and an attachment, as well as changing the status of the Salesforce case. We saw how the updates were automatically applied to the Jira task 


and the ServiceNow incident. 


Q&A session

After everything was tested and we saw how it works, Yanko ended the demo and opened the Q&A session. 

From 19.46 we started responding to all of the questions you had posted during the session.  

You had a ton of inquiries and Daniel answered all of them in great detail. We are really happy you had such a huge interest in the demo, and you asked really amazing questions.  

For example, there were questions like:  

  • What happens if the API of a system does not support expressions defined in the trigger condition? Will the collected entities be filtered after fetching them from the system then? 
  • Does it support SMS integrations and use of web-hooks? 
  • Is data that is queried from the systems and loaded into other systems stored in a DB in Zigiops? 
  • Are there any fields which are not fully/partially supported? 
  • After querying data from a system, can the data be enriched by calling external services before data mapping? 
  • Do the integrations strictly work for event synchronization? Have these capabilities been used for streaming metric datapoints between systems? 
  • Does it provide combination and correlation of the multiple alerts into single incident based on violation criteria? 
  • Do you have a high availability concept like multiple instances of ZigiOps to prevent single points of failure? 
  • And more…. 


If you’d like to watch the whole Q&A session, you can do it here. 

Of course, if you have any additional questions, you can contact us at [email protected] and we will be happy to help. And if you have a more complex use case or you would like to integrate different systems than the ones shown, just book a personal demo with our team. Our engineers will set and demonstrate your specific requirements with ZigiOps for you.  

We would like to thank our partners from Nathan Claire, as well as all the attendees that participated in the webinar! It was a great event, and we loved doing it for you!