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Recap of the Live Demo How to integrate Jira and ServiceNow in 5 minutes

On May 26th the ZigiWave team held a live event where we showed how you can easily integrate Jira and ServiceNow with the help of ZigiOps integration platform. We demoed transferring ServiceNow Incidents to Jira Tasks, and how bi-directional updates work. Another case that we highlighted was transferring ServiceNow Problems to Jira Bugs and vice versa.  

Missed it this time? If you would like to watch the whole session, you can see the recording here, or if you prefer, you can read the recap below.  

The main things that we covered during the live session

Yanko showcased the ServiceNow Incident to Jira Task integration, starting from 2:12. First, he showed how the integration is set in the ZigiOps UI. 


Screen shot 1

And then he demonstrated how the integration works in the two connected systems (Jira and ServiceNow) from 10:58. He created a brand-new incident in ServiceNow and it was automatically logged in Jira as ticket.  

After that (from 12:08) he also added some child entities, like comments and attachments, and we saw how they are synchronized bi-directionally between Jira and ServiceNow. 

Screen shot 2

Once the ServiceNow Incident to Jira Task integration was completed, Yanko started sharing our second use case ServiceNow Problems to Jira Bugs. First, he briefly showed the configuration in the ZigiOps UI (from 14:42). 

Screen shot 3

Then he demoed the connection in action in the systems themselves. Yanko created a new Problem in ServiceNow and it was transferred to Jira as a Bug right away (from 15:24). 

And finally (from 16:24) he showed the bi-directional updates between the Problem in ServiceNow and the corresponding Bug in Jira. ZigiOps successfully transferred all attachments, comments, and status updates. 

Screen shot 4

After the two integration workflows were completed, Yanko gave a bit more details on the mapping of the actions in ZigiOps (from 17:21). 

Screen shot 5

 And in the end (from 17:52), he showed the “Troubleshooting” menu of ZigiOps, where you can see the logs of all actions – exactly what is extracted from the source system, and what is loaded in the target system. Also in case of any error messages you can see all the details there and identify what is potentially causing the issue. 

Screen shot 6

Q & A Session

This concluded the demo part of the session and then we moved on to the Questions and Answers part (starting from 20:45). 

We had lots of interesting questions. Some of them were more technical like: how to sync assignee between the 2 systems, how to transfer RequestItem variables, can ZigiOps transfer SLA records, etc. And others were related to the systems that ZigiOps integrates and what versions are supported.  

Our CTO Avi Koren popped in and revealed something very interesting regarding this. Since we are technology partners with the systems we do integrations for, we not only support their latest versions, but we receive the new versions in advance, so we can test them and have them ready. Once a new version is launched, ZigiOps already supports it. 

If you would like to hear the answers to all the questions from the live demo, you can listen to the Q&A session here 

I will just reveal what the last question we received was. It was: Can you please provide a link to book a demo? 

Of course! Here is the link where you can book a demo with our team and have all of your specific questions answered.