Our ServiceNow Jira integration offers a few possible use cases where you can sync events, incidents, CMDB CIs, and more. Here is one of the most common Jira ServiceNow integration scenarios we have seen.

The helpdesk team receives a new incident in their ServiceNow queue. After investigating the issue, they find out that the problem was the result of a software bug, and the DevOps team should handle it. That is the perfect opportunity to establish a ServiceNow Jira integration.

Thanks to ZigiOps you have a seamless ServiceNow Jira Integration, the ITSM team doesn’t need to open a Jira issue manually. The integration platform creates it automatically and updates it in real time via a secure bi-directional synchronization between ServiceNow and Jira.

The communication between the helpdesk team and the developer working on the bug is effortless. It doesn’t require additional tools: everything takes place in the tickets. Automatic synchronization with log files, traces, issue links, or other attachments. That helps streamline defect tracking and resolution, improves change request management, and prevents communication bottlenecks.

Once the developer fixes the Jira Software issue, the ServiceNow incident is instantly updated. The end customer receives a notification that their problem is solved.

Review our technical documentation and learn how to integrate ServiceNow and Jira.

The ZigiOps connector for Jira and ServiceNow is a preferred tool by Atlassian users.

When you want to connect ITSM and DevOps teams, you need to be able to synchronize their work. Unfortunately, many companies struggle to do this well because they need the right integration tools and processes. You need a solution that makes it easier for you and your team members to collaborate regardless of where they are. A ServiceNow Jira Integration gives you the flexibility to transfer all data types from ITSM to DevOps teams, without the need to do anything.

ZigiOps allows you to integrate your ServiceNow and Jira teams seamlessly. We know how hard it can be when you’re trying to work across multiple platforms and systems. That’s why our product is designed with scalability in mind so that you can use it no matter how big your team becomes.

Why do a ServiceNow Jira Integration?

First, the ServiceNow Jira integration enables you to access both services and make them talk to each other right when required. Second, customer support and development team members can interact and collaborate in real-time when you integrate ServiceNow and Jira. As a result, support and development teams see increased productivity and faster resolution.

The information must be manually sent back and forth to share information and address customer tickets in these siloed systems.

The best method to work together across teams to efficiently resolve customer tickets is to establish a successful synchronization of a bi-directional communication connection between the ServiceNow and Jira servers. Teams become more efficient and well-organized due to this form of communication across the systems, which also lowers obstacles to collaboration. Having a Jira ServiceNow integration in place removes all bottlenecks and enables your teams to work effectively.

See a Demo of Our Jira ServiceNow Integration

ServiceNow is one of the most popular IT service management (ITSM) applications. Atlassian’s Jira is a widely used DevOps solution used to plan and manage software development projects. Companies use both systems to distribute tasks between development teams and departments, manage their resources, and organize work. To do that successfully, they need an integration tool that seamlessly transfers information between the two.

If you’re using the ServiceNow platforms separately without a combination of them, you risk creating silos, duplicates, or incomplete records. The results are incorrect handling of incidents or projects and teams not working in alignment. Your customer satisfaction metrics may suffer if the manual activity, such as creating tickets in the Jira instance from ServiceNow events or incidents, consumes a large portion of your resources.

A tool, that enables a seamless ServiceNow Jira integration, helps to improve your operational efficiency. With it, you can solve issues faster and set up a seamless end-to-end data flow. The ZigiOps connector allows for smooth data exchange from ServiceNow to Jira and Jira to ServiceNow communication, enabling the transfer of crucial business information immediately, without delays.

Additionally, the Jira ServiceNow integration significantly enhances and optimizes cross-team collaboration and helps you serve your customers better. ZigiOps allows for automation of repetitive tasks and minimizes human-related errors resulting of manual work.

Group 881

How Beneficial is the ServiceNow Jira Integration?

Depending on the request, these two systems can mirror each other and execute an action in one system based on data input into the other. For instance, when a product fault is reported in ServiceNow, a Jira ticket is automatically created, synced with all comments and statuses, and resolved when the problem is fixed.

Benefits of the ServiceNow Jira integration: 

  • Quickly resolving service tickets and enhancing the satisfaction of multiple customers.
  • Increasing service ticket status and IT process visibility.
  • The supported workflow includes cross-team collaboration.
  • IT spends less time transferring requests and tickets between systems and less time dealing with automatable lower-level client tickets.

Solutions on these two systems, like Jira and ServiceNow, are frequently linked to dozens, if not hundreds, of other systems. Application networks with reusable APIs enable IT teams to connect any system quickly and efficiently rather than having to recreate the same API with new code, even though there may just be one point that needs to be connected.

Create Incident

Group 1002

Poll Jira for new Task every 60 seconds

Group 1007

Transform Jira Task to ServiceNow Incident based on the mapping

Group 1009

Create new ServiceNow Incident

Update Incident

Group 1002

Poll Jira for changes on Task every 60 seconds

Group 1007

Transform Jira Task updates to theServiceNow Incident based on the mapping

Group 1009

Add Attachment to the ServiceNow Incidents for the new attachment of Jira task if any

Path 2503

Update the corresponding ServiceNow Incident based on the mapping

Group 1010

Add Work Note to the ServiceNow Incidents for the new Jira task if any

Update Taks

Group 1002

Poll ServiceNow for changes on Incidents every 60 seconds

Group 1007

Transform ServiceNow Incident to updates toJira Tasks to updates toJira Tasks

Group 1009

Add Attachment to the Jira Taks for the new attachment of the ServiceNoW Incident if any

Path 2503

Update Jira Task based on the mapping

Group 1006

Add Comment to the Jira Task for the new Work Note of the ServiceNow Incidents if any

Concluding Thoughts on the Jira ServiceNow Integration

Our goal is to provide a service that best suits your case. With ZigiOps, we can assure you of satisfactory results. ServiceNow is widely used by ITSM teams as the best-in-class solution. While the development and project management teams still overwhelmingly view Jira as the optimal solution. Integrations between these platforms are becoming more prevalent as good cooperation is essential for any successful firm.

Оut-of-the-box Jira and ServiceNow integration solution you can set up in a few minutes

No coding knowledge needed – everything is set easily through the UI

Fully customizable workflows with chained and dependent actions

Integration Benefits

Conditional field mapping for a simplified Jira ServiceNow connection logic

Global schema: automated relations between data from different sources

Advanced retry mechanism and a user-configurable logic


ZigiOps is now available on SAP® Store online marketplace. ZigiOps integrates SAP Solution Manager with your other platforms.

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