You can use a Jira Cherwell integration if your main ITSM system is Cherwell and you want to synchronize tickets from the ITSM team with the DevOps team for faster resolution of software issues and better collaboration.  

Here is one of the most common use cases when a Jira Cherwell integration is needed. 

The service desk receives a new incident in their Cherwell queue. They investigate the issue and find out that the problem is the result of a software bug, i.e. they need to forward it to the development team. For this, they need to log it into Jira.

With ZigiOps, everything is automated: they don’t need to open Jira and log the issue themselves: the integration platform does everything. ZigiOps logs a new issue in Jira Software and syncs the two in real time.

As a result, you also get to improve the efficiency of your application lifecycle management (ALM). 

 The service desk and the developer working on the issue can now communicate effortlessly, thanks to ZigiOps. To do that, they don’t need any additional tools: communication on the bug takes place in the comments. ZigiOps immediately synchronizes all log files, traces, issue links or other attachments. Because of that, both root cause analysis and change request management become easier. This means that you can easily eliminate communication bottlenecks and duplicate work. 

Once the developer fixes the issue, ZigiOps automatically updates the incident in Cherwell. The end customer receives a notification that your team has resolved their problem. 

Jira and Cherwell are among the most popular applications that companies use today. DevOps teams across enterprises use Jira to manage and track their tasks and projects. Service desk teams use Cherwell to handle multiple service requests and tickets.  

However, many companies need to have their ITSM and DevOps teams connected, as the work of these teams is tightly bonded. Manual transfer of data between the different systems the teams are using causes delays and distorts the flow of communication. This often results in delayed issue resolutions and unhappy customers.

Making a Jira Cherwell integration can automate the process and solve lots of problems. Having tickets and service requests synchronized in real time with the DevOps projects and bugs speeds up problem resolution and improves operational efficiency. Unfortunately, this is not always an easy task.

Companies need to find the right integration tools and processes to fit their use case needs.  

ZigiOps is a solution that makes the Jira Cherwell integration easier and accessible even for non-technical team members. It covers even the most complex use cases and at the same time is completely no-code. Teams can collaborate effortlessly in real-time, no matter where they are. A Cherwell Jira Integration with ZigiOps gives you the flexibility to transfer all data types from ITSM to DevOps teams. It is highly scalable and your integration can grow and transform together with your needs. 

The Cherwell Jira integration allows you to transfer all types of entities between the two systems seamlessly. This way data is available to the responsible team members in real time and can be acted upon much faster.  

The service desk and the development teams will not need to login to multiple systems or communicate important details over phone or chat. Manual transfer of data back and forth often causes delays, mistakes and omissions. 

With a Jira Cherwell integration, each team can work just in the system they are familiar with and all the necessary information will be automatically present in the other system.

As a result errors are eliminated, and the productivity of the teams is significantly boosted. Companies improve their processes and workflows, while also boosting customer satisfaction. There are other benefits, as well, like improved visibility into recurring issues. 

See a Demo of Our Jira Cherwell Integration

Cherwell is a popular IT service management (ITSM) system, that many organizations use to manage their IT infrastructure, identify incidents, and distribute tasks between teams. Jira Software is a one of the leading DevOps solutions on the market for planning and managing software development projects with an agile framework. 

Sometimes, companies use both applications to plan and organize their work, manage resources and forward tasks to the relevant teams and departments. To do that successfully, they need to collect data from each app and sync it instantly.

Without the Jira Cherwell integration, you risk creating discrepancies, silos, and duplicate or incomplete records, which can result in operational inefficiencies or errors. 

If manual work uses up an important part of your teams’ resources, it’s time to rethink your approach to data management and integration. Automating the data flow between Cherwell and Jira will help you improve cross-team collaboration and resolve issues swiftly. 

Set up an automated end-to-end data flow with ZigiOps’ seamless Cherwell Jira integration and solve issues faster than ever. With ZigiOps’ customizable templates, you can set up data integration between the two in a few clicks. With the help of our predefined actions, conditions and transformations, you can customize and deploy your integration in a matter of minutes. 

Connect the different apps you’re using to eliminate manual work, reduce the risk of errors, and help your teams work better together. Streamline and automate your workflows and processes with our agile, no-code data integration platform and improve communication between your teams and departments. 

How beneficial is the Jira Cherwell integration?

There are usually many dependencies between customer support and development. When there are software bugs or feature requests, they usually go through the service desk before they are systemized and logged for development.

All types of details need to be exchanged between the helpdesk and the DevOps teams.The Jira Cherwell integration can be automated in a way that only the necessary details and issues are logged from one system to the other.   

For example, if there are requests in Cherwell that are related to a specific bug, the details from them can go to a specified task in Jira and be available for the developer working on the bug immediately

This can significantly speed up the bug fixing process.  

ZigiOps’ no-code Cherwell Jira integration improves cross-team collaboration, helps you eliminate silos and errors, brings optimizations in your workflows and processes and most importantly boosts customer and employee satisfaction.

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Concluding thoughts on the Jira Cherwell integration

The Jira Cherwell integration that ZigiOps provides aims to make the lives of IT professionals easier. With the ZigiOps platform you can have your integration ready within minutes and start improving your team collaboration and issue resolution speed right away. The integration is easy to manage and scale, no matter how complex your use case is. 

Improved communication with the service desk team

Automatic status updates and simplified follow-ups

Effortless bi-directional synchronization with Cherwell

Integration Benefits

Improved communication with DevOps

Automatic status updates, which make follow-ups easier

Instant visibility into the status of each bug fix


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