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JIRA BMC Remedy Integration

An Overview of BMC Remedy and Jira

Customer success and business continuity depend on people – your people. As Simon Sinek said: “Take care of your people and they will take care of your business”. Long-term customer satisfaction depends on how fast and effective you resolve their issues. IT Service Management tools such as BMC Software are helping customer support teams to handle queries in the most efficient manner. Jira Software on the other hand helps DevOps teams get to know and resolve these queries faster.
BMC is a leader in the Gartner Magic Quadrant for ITSM tools in 2021 for an 8th consecutive year. Jira is the most preferred DevOps planning tool, and a leader in the 2021 Gartner Magic Quadrant for Enterprise Agile Planning Tools for a 4th year in a row.
When using BMC Remedy and Jira it is essential to connect them to take full advantage of their capabilities. Integration platforms such as ZigiOps make this easy and doable in a few clicks. Here are some of the key benefits for integrating Jira and BMC:

  • Sync all issues, events, alerts, CMDBs, change requests in real-time
  • Eliminate manual work completely
  • Enhance communication between ITSM & DevOps teams
  • Automate systems workflows
  • Resolve customer requests faster

Common BMC Remedy - Jira Use Case

The most common use case for integrating BMC with Jira is synchronizing change requests or incidents between the two. Your ITSM and DevOps teams are separate units which means that each time an alert is triggered in BMC, most of the time it needs to be transferred to Jira. If your business is serving a lot of customers, a lot of alerts are going to be generated each day. You cannot expect your ITSM and DevOps teams to talk all the time and discuss these, right? This way they will have absolutely no time to actually do some work and fix those issues.

That’s why you need to go the smart way and instead of making people speak, have BMC and Jira speak. Here are the top reasons why your systems should speak to one another:

  • Save your employees a lot of time for repetitive tasks
  • Eliminate chances of human error
  • Let employees focus on the actual resolving of the issues

But let’s take a look at how this works in reality:

When an event is triggered in BMC Remedy ZigiOps automatically picks it up and creates a related entity in Jira with all related fields. Once the development team updates the ticket, it will automatically get updated in BMC as well. Your ITSM and DevOps teams will be in full alignment during the entire process. Once developers fix the issue/fulfill the change request, the ITSM team will know it in real time.

This is just an example of a very simple use case. We understand most companies are facing more challenging scenarios, which require syncing data between related entities of any level. That’s why you need to choose a scalable and flexible integration platform. We will talk about that later.

Setup of the BMC Remedy – Jira Integration

Integrating BMC Remedy with Jira is easy and fun with ZigiOps. You can check out the video, which sums up the entire configuration process, or read how to do it step by step in the next lines. If you have a specific use case and would like to see how ZigiOps can resolve it – schedule a 45-minute demo.

1. Installing the ZigiOps Integration Platform

You can install ZigiOps on-premise or request a cloud trial. It connects to both on-prem and cloud deployments, no matter where your systems are. The installation process is easy and takes no more than 10 minutes. For more information on how to install our integration platform check the technical documentation.

login-screen -zigiops

2. Connecting to your Remedy & Jira Instances

Next, you need to choose which systems you want to integrate and verify their API connections with ZigiOps. We are technology partners with all vendors for whom we provide integrations and ZigiOps uses only the official APIs.


3. Integration Configuration & Mappings

Once you have successfully connected to your Remedy and Jira instances it’s time to configure the actual integration. ZigiOps offers predefined templates to cover each use case. All templates are fully customizable and permit the user to modify the integration at any given point.

bmc template library - zigiops

You can choose among a wide variety of Remedy – Jira integration templates. Some of the most popular ones are:

  • Remedy Problem – Jira Task
  • Remedy Change Request – Jira Task
  • Remedy Work Order – Jira Task
  • Jira Task – Remedy Incident

You can also create your integration from scratch if you prefer to do it this way. Once the template is loaded, it’s time to adjust the configuration per your use case. You just need to select from which system you would like the transfer to begin (in this case it’s from Remedy to Jira, but ZigiOps supports bi-directional integrations so the opposite is also possible). Then you need to adjust the frequency, meaning to tell ZigiOps on what interval it should pull information from Remedy.


As mentioned above, ZigiOps is a highly customizable integration platform, which offers deep integrations, meaning you can relate fields and entities from all levels. You can transfer attachments, comments, priority, and all fields, which are available in both BMC and Jira. Once you are done with the configurations – click save and that’s it.

Choosing the Best Integration Tool

Let’s face it, choosing the best integration tool is not as easy as it seems. There are a lot of things you need to consider. Homegrown integrations are not recommended for complex use cases and bigger companies, since the actual R&D, development, testing and maintenance costs a lot more than buying a mature product.

Some integration vendors are not honest and give you false expectations on your integrations. Read more about this topic here.

As an integration platform, ZigiOps gives you the full flexibility to create powerful integrations with no code. Priced in the medium to low segment it has proven itself as the perfect tool to connect your systems. Check out our customer portfolio.

Some of the key features companies choose us for are:

  • Simplicity – You control your integrations entirely in the UI
  • Powerful – ZigiOps can transfer as many events as your instances pass to it
  • Fully customizable – Adapting and scaling your integrations has never been easier
  • Secure – Our platform doesn’t have a database and doesn’t store any customer information

Check ZigiOps by yourself and see how it works. We offer a free trial or free PoC.