What is ZigiOps?

ZigiOps is the most flexible data integration platform. Our tool empowers all System Administrators and IT Operations experts to connect their systems in a few clicks.

Is ZigiOps a no-code platform?

ZigiOps is a code-free integration tool. It is made specifically for users, who want to set up and launch their integrations fast and easily from the UI.

Is ZigiOps enterprise-ready?

ZigiOps is made especially for enterprises. It makes the integrations easier, yet its advanced capabilities relate entities of any level and allow users to synchronize all fields from the systems. The solution is lightweight, connects to both on-premise and cloud deployments, and doesn’t store any of the transferred data.

What’s the difference between ZigiOps and a plugin?

The ZigiOps integration platform is a standalone product. The difference between using such a solution versus a plugin is within the flexibility and functionality. A connector such as ZigiOps is a self-contained component set of APIs, which provides multiple integrations through a universal broker through the APIs of external applications. Using a plugin usually requires coding and may require modifications to the systems you are connecting. ZigiOps on the other hand has a much lighter interface than a plugin. ZigiOps supports both uni and bi-directional integrations between the systems.

Does ZigiOps offer high availability?

Yes, ZigiOps supports high availability and there is always a backup server, ready to pick up exactly where the previous one stopped in case of downtime. You can find out more here.

What do deep integrations mean?

ZigiOps does not offer simple point-to-point integrations. The platform allows users to relate entities and fields from any level of their systems.

How is ZigiOps licensed?

We follow a license-based model for our product and integrations. The yearly subscription includes the software, your integration licenses, and customer support. There are no hidden or extra costs, which require additional payments afterward.

Are all integrations the same price?

ZigiOps’ pricing has the following components: software, integration license/s, and customer support. All connectors are priced in the same manner. If you purchase more than one integration additional discounts will apply.

Does ZigiOps support the latest versions of the connected systems?

ZigiOps supports the latest versions of the systems it connects. It also automatically updates and adapts once there is a new version in place.

How can I test ZigiOps?

We first start with a demo to let you see how the product works in action. Afterward, you can proceed with a 1-month free trial or free PoC. Schedule your demo now.

What are the ZigiOps deployment options?

ZigiOps can be deployed on-premises, but it can connect to cloud instances of your systems as well. A SaaS version of ZigiOps will be released in 2022.

How long does it take to install ZigiOps and launch an integration?

The whole process takes no more than an hour. Once you have installed ZigiOps, you only need to connect to your systems via API keys. The setup of the actual integration takes around 10 minutes with our fully customizable use case templates.

Where can I find ZigiOps’ technical documentation?

The ZigiOps documentation can be found HERE.

How do I open a support ticket?