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Case Study

Telus Case Study

ZigiOps played a key role in Telus Health’s digital integration journey by seamlessly connecting both Dynatrace and Solarwinds to Micro Focus Ops Bridge. Our integration platform fully automated the flows between the systems, enabled real-time data transfers and synchronization.

The Client:

Telus Health, a division of Telus Corporation, is a digital healthcare solutions provider based in Quebec. They connect patients and physicians through software applications, allowing them to have virtual consultations. The company has 1200 employees.

Challenge overview:

Telus Health is using Micro Focus OpsBridge as its main IT Operations Management (ITOM) solution.

They are using SolarWinds and Dynatrace to monitor different aspects of their IT infrastructure, and needed both tools to report to OBM, for a seamless connectivity between each software application. Having all information instantly available in Micro Focus OpsBridge would allow them to have a single monitoring solution for their events and operations management.

Telus considered a few possibilities:

  • Replace some software apps with others to work with fewer vendors
  • Develop an integration solution in-house
  • Find an external integration solution to connect all applications.

After studying the different options, they decided to go with ZigiOps.

The Solution:

ZigiOps, provided a comprehensive solution to Telus Health by connecting both SolarWinds and Dynatrace to OpsBridge via two one-way integrations. Both integrations collect data from each tool and submit it to OBM.

Data types integrated:

SolarWinds – OBM:

  • Topology: Nodes, IP Addresses, Interfaces
  • Alerts, Events: NPM
  • Metrics: NPM

Dynatrace – OBM:

  • Topology: Applications, Transactions, Hosts, Services, and others.
  • Problems
  • Metrics

Outcomes & Results

The two integrations give Telus the possibility to:

  • Have all monitoring data available in a single system (in this case, Operations Bridge).
  • Centralize monitoring and IT operations management (ITOM).
  • Align the different tools they’re using and sync them with OBM.
  • Have a complete overview of their operations and IT infrastructure.

ZigiOps extracts information from SolarWinds and from Dynatrace and pushes it to OpsBridge. As a result, Operations Bridge has become the central Operations console at Telus. This allows their teams to detect and resolve issues faster than ever, saving time and improving both overall performance and customer satisfaction.

All correlation takes place in OBM and is fully automated. All software tools are in sync, meaning that everybody can know the status of different events and react quickly.

The number of incidents is now lower, and at the same time, key events and metrics are closely monitored.

While SolarWinds and Dynatrace are both monitoring tools, they monitor similar environments from different perspectives. By combining the data from both applications into OBM, ZigiOps provided a centralized and easy access to data and correlation for impacted entities, including correlated/enriched topology, event synchronization from multiple sources, and different metric feeds.