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7 Automation Software Trends For 2022


IT automation trends have always been defined by the objectives of information technology operations (IT Ops). Despite this, as the IT industry continues to migrate to the cloud, many corporate teams are adopting automation as a critical component of their job functions. Automation is the “new fabric of digital business” and has taken the center stage in optimizing business processes.

In this article, we’ll list down the top-level business initiatives automation trends for 2022. Plus, we’ll tackle how operations teams collaborate with their IT counterparts in DataOps, DevOps and CloudOps for their critical business processes.

In conclusion

Demand for a centrally orchestrated list of varied automation technologies, both inside and outside of IT Ops, has risen due to the increasing urgency produced by business users and more IT chores in 2022 and the years following.

Automation platforms will become more prevalent in 2022 for the design, engineering, and administration of large data pipelines, serving as a meta-orchestrator for the whole data pipeline toolchain. Companies will rely on SOAPs to centrally manage and coordinate all automated processes throughout their pipelines from a single command center-like platform.