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Case Study


Western Union is global leader in cross-border, cross-currency money movement. In 2018, they’ve completed more than 800 million transactions for their consumer and business clients.

As they continue to innovate and develop new ways to send money through digital, mobile, and retail channels, the usage of wide variety of enterprise monitoring tools from different vendors is a must.

This brought the need of additional customization options to their current solution.

Use Case:

Western Union are making use of Cherwell Service Management, which is a comprehensive service desk verified for several ITIL® processes. However, this is only one of the software products they have implemented,
and made it work in sync with Micro Focus ITOM portfolio. Their current implementation was dependent of custom-made script, responsible for transferring the data from Ops Bridge to Cherwell.

Unfortunately the script was limited from customization and maintenance perspectives. Introducing advanced filtering, data transformations and conditional mapping to the automated the data flow between the Micro Focus Ops Bridge and Cherwell was a top priority for Western Union and they chose ZigiOps, because of its flexibility, simplicity of the implementation and the expert guidance of the ZigiWave consultants and support teams, during the POC and Implementation phases.


By taking advantage of ZigiOps conditional mappings and data transformations, Western Union easily managed to enrich the Incident creation for the problems that are most critical to them – network availability and backward synchronization. Not only the data flow was automated bi-bidirectionally, but it was configured to cover all specific requirements of our customer.

In addition, ZigiOps allowed including the Related CI data as part of the incident creation, which added another “layer of automation” to the integration. Just before the production go live date, the ZigiWave consultants noticed performance delay, because the Cherwell servers were having huge number of journals. To resovle the performance issues, the ZigiWave development and consultant teams worked together to find a viable solution.

As a result of the great team work, the integration was separated in 2 workflows in order to lower the performance impact – Normal Workflow (OMi > Cherwell) and Backsync Workflow (Cherwell > OMi), each working flawlessly,only few days later.

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