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Our newest set of integrations: Datadog


We’re happy to announce our latest integration package: a batch of connectors with Datadog. This is a partnership we’re very excited about – and we’re eager to tell you more.

So, what are the benefits of adding Datadog to our platform?

What is the value that Datadog brings to the table?

How can it help you achieve better results?

Let’s discuss the details.

Datadog is an APM platform that detects complex performance problems of a huge number of SaaS & cloud applications, services, and systems and allows you to address them promptly. It takes out the stress of managing a compound IT infrastructure by giving you full visibility into your processes. Datadog monitors key variables and automatically identifies and isolates any issues that could lead to downtime or a drop in performance. It allows you to track and analyze UX, and proactively improve it or solve potential problems.

With ZigiOps, you can now effortlessly integrate Datadog with a number of APM, ITSM, ITOM, and DevOps tools: BMC Remedy, VMWare vROps, Micro Focus Operations Bridge, JIRA, and Azure DevOps. ZigiOps is a simple, intuitive, and highly scalable platform – and all integrations are bi-directional.

We take data from Datadog and direct it to other apps, for a smooth communication process between departments and teams. And we don’t just take what’s available at the surface: our integrations unravel complex relationships and dependencies.

You can now bring Datadog to your software ecosystem and integrate it to other tools you’re using, to tap into its pool of functionalities. By connecting it to other enterprise software apps, you expand the range of features of each one of them, without disrupting workflows & procedures. Everyone can continue using the tools they’re best familiar with – and let the integration platform connect and synchronize data between them automatically.

In a nutshell

Datadog detects complex performance issues across apps, servers, and systems. It improves the overall visibility into your processes, allowing you to quickly debug outages and resolve problems.

With ZigiOps, you can set up bi-directional integrations of Datadog with: