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JIRA Remedy Integration

JIRA is by far the most commonly used DevOps tool from small companies to large enterprise organizations. The flows it provides are in great favor of the Agile development process, and this makes it an invaluable part of the R&D work cycle.

However, it is very typical for companies to look for ways to optimize their internal flows and operations. As part of this process, we see a very high demand for integrating JIRA with other software solutions – BMC Remedy, ServiceNow, Micro Focus Ops Bridge, Dynatrace, NewRelic, AppDynamics, and many more.


ZigiOps presents a remarkably adjustable set of OOTB integration workflows that will serve in achieving a seamless data stream between JIRA and BMC Remedy.

The bi-directional data exchange, user-configurable triggers, dynamic mapping, and custom records/fields support guarantees the successful implementation of any use case, no matter of its complexity. And it all comes in a user-friendly UI where you can control every aspect of the integration.

Example use case – BMC Remedy Incident to JIRA Task

One of the most popular scenarios that we encounter is an incident in their Service Management tool (BMC Remedy) to generate a new task in JIRA.

The most prevalent trigger used by the majority of customers is the incident to be assigned to a specific group or person.

Every new JIRA task gets enriched by additional information such as an incident ID, a direct link to the source system, and more. The same happens for the source incident too.

From this moment until their closure, everything between these two records is in full synchronization – fields, notes, states.

Of course, the opposite direction scenario is fully supported and has the same integration capabilities – bi-directional attribute synchronization, links for cross-reference, etc.

BMC Remedy incident that created a new JIRA task with all the additional information

​Newly created JIRA task with all the Remedy incident information


Bi-directional sync – updates on JIRA task result in updates in BMC Remedy


Updated BMC Remedy incident

BMC Remedy incident resolved – a state change


JIRA task set to Done status as a result of the bi-directional sync.


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