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Colruyt Group - Case study

Colruyt, a family company from Lembeek in Flemish Brabant, first appeared about 80 years ago. Today, they’ve grown from a small company into a whole family of companies: Colruyt Group.

They offer numerous retail chains, own brands and activities, and they’re flourishing in three countries. They’re having 553 own stores, 581 independent storekeeprs in Belgium and affiliated stores in France,
nearly 30,000 employees and nearly €400M investments.

The IT department of Colruyt noticed that they should increase their focus to their internal partner needs. It was decided to reorganize the IT department into service-oriented organization, rather than a product delivery organization. In order to support the service-oriented transition, they needed an improvement in the service management tools. That is how ServiceNow was implemented and have enabled Colruyt Group to deliver better Services to all their partners.

Use Case:

With the implementation of the new IT Service Management platform, Colruyt Group determined the need for an integration with their current ITOM platform – Micro Focus Operations Bridge Manager (OMi).

While checking the possibilities to integrate their ITOM and ITSM platforms, like most of the companies, they’ve realized that they were lacking time, resources and product knowledge to develop this integration.
Basically, ServiceNow incidents needed to be opened, based on OMi events.


Setting up the POC environment was as simple as “next, next, finish”. The out-of-the-box integration capabilities like the closed loop integration between event and incident management process was really what they needed
and what was currently missing. During the setup of the final ZigiOps platform, Colruyt were having several customization requirements. The required customizations were implemented each time at an impressive pace by ZigiWave. In case of unforseen problems, the ZigiWave implementation and support teams were always able to solve issues or in finding the root cause.